Keep Time

One of the crucial aspect across all the fields is time management. Hence nobody is happy to sit around and wait for his or her date to come late after the agreed time. In most instance, it is perceived awkward sitting on a bar or a table or even worse standing outside a restaurant waiting for your date and wondering if she will show up.

Thus, being punctual is not only a critical element but also a sign of respect for the other party. However, some of the aspects that may cause delay such as an emergency at work, getting lost or traffic can come up and lead to you being late. Thus it is important to alert your date that you are running late and you will be there in a moment as well as issue a concrete reason. After arriving at your date and you have panicked it is always important to take a deep breath, smile and greet them while issuing a heartfelt apology for your lateness.

Showing kindness and humanity goes a long way in touching the emotions as well as the intelligence of an individual. As a gentleman, you must get in the date venue first and ensure the place meets your expectation. It is not advisable for you and your date to look lost and keep on nagging the waiters with questions regarding the place.

Getting on the table before your date shows seriousness and the lady will be impressed. Thus it is also crucial to ensure as a gentleman when the lady arrives at the table you pull a chair for her and ensure she has comfortably sat. In doing so, you will demonstrate courtesy and etiquette, and this creates a conducive environment for them to feel comfortable when interacting with you.