In any event that we venture in should always be incorporated into having the fun. According to the recent research, it shows that majority of the people believe that dating is scary, stressful and wastage of time but do not forget it can be fun if only people keep an open mind as well as a positive mind. In the course of the dating, it is possible to enjoy yourself and get to meet new people. It is not guaranteed that your date will turn out to be Cinderella. However, it will enable you as a man to meet different women who will enable you to learn something new about them. Dating does not have to be life and death matter. Hence it is essential to enjoy every moment that you are with your date.

Stay off your phone

Men despite being busy it is important to keep off your phone during a date to avoid creating a negative perception. One of the most irritating behaviours within the current society is people busy using their cell phone when you are talking to them. It is always irritating to try and have a conversation with a person who is glued to his cell phone. Thus as a man, it is essential to ensure that during the date your phone is off and pay attention to your date. One of the essential thing that men need to know is they are on a date with real human beings, so please ensure you have taken an hour off the social media, surfing the web, texting and try to pay attention to the present task of having a date. According to the recent research conducted by the phycologists, individuals who experience bad first date is because they spend most of the time during the date on their cell phone and paying little attention to their date. If it is a must to use your cell phone, take a quick glance at it when your date goes to the bathroom or if you are tempted to use it switch it off and put it away to eliminate temptation.

Do not bring up controversial topics

Having debates during lunch date and dinner is interesting and can enable the couples to enjoy their time together. However, it is essential to keep off topics that are hot such as finances, religion and politics. Although you and your date share the same religion and political affiliations, it is essential to avoid bringing up such those topics during your first date. It is essential first to get to know your partners well, and with time you have the opportunity to bring up controversial topics without touching a soft spot in their emotions.

Changes in dating due to technology


The internet has facilitated the changes in the dating scenario. Notably, unlike in the past when getting date was difficult and tiresome, online platform has made it easy for individuals to meet and plan for a date. Nowadays, people are using social media to find love and end up getting married. As a result, there is downside experienced in finding your date through the internet such as some people tend to be dishonest in disclosing more about them. Dating is an essential aspect that is required before getting into any serious relationship. Hence for all the men out there who are preparing for their first date, the above principles are critical to getting positive feedback.